Team Novium

Our founding members are personally involved in every project and look forward to meeting you.

Brice Howard


I’m an experienced senior-level technology leader and thrive at the intersection of business, technology and strategy. For 15-plus years I’ve successfully deployed world-class, innovative technology for underwater, downhole, land, air, and space. My strength lies in my ability to transform and build collaborative, integrated and high-performing, cross-functional organizations through authentic leadership, a commitment to continual growth, and the development of effective organizational structure and processes. I bring that mindset weather I’m focusing on improving Novium or helping clients capitalize on their own opportunities for growth.

James Holley

Director of Electrical Engineering

Large technology projects can bring challenging moments as well as moments of triumph — I help clients stay focused on their goals despite what the day brings so they can successfully implement their vision. I’ve learned the importance of this ability over the course of a 15-plus year career building complex robotics and motor systems.

I have a deep understanding of both academic and practical engineering. I know what it takes to keep an organization or mission running despite day-to-day challenges. For me, the process is more exciting than the outcome and I take pride in helping teams seek daily improvement while balancing the practical and the possible to maximize ROI.

Josh Figuered

Director of Business Development

I strive to build strong teams and relationships through a “Give First” mentality and whole heartedly believe good things happen in life and business when you put people before profits. I have a technical background as a systems engineer and hardware designer with 15-plus years of professional experience designing complex robotic systems for land, sea, air, and space.

As a leader in a technical organization, I consider emotional intelligence and authenticity to be equally important as technical know-how. I employ this philosophy in all of my interactions with Novium clients so that I can create meaningful relationships and always enhance the value we provide to them.

Chris McQuin

Director of MechanicalEngineering

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving mindset. As a Co-Founder of Novium, I get to leverage both of those skills for our clients. I have more than a decade of experience developing complex robotic systems to support both human and robotic exploration activities, with a heavy emphasis on space technology. Developing for the harshest environments has prepared me to create functional solutions for any arena.

I’m driven by the notion that the world is full of problems and at Novium we get to help solve them. I look forward to plugging in with new teams and facilitating collaborative work environments that enable our clients to execute projects successfully and integrate new technologies easily.

Interested in joining the Team?
Great companies are created by great teams.If you get inspired in the face of challenging problem and have a personal-growth mindset, Novium might be the team for you. Work with us