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Novium handles your hardware with care as we plan and execute your testing needs. We provide professional and accurate test reporting to support your mission requirements.

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Testing in a Clean Environment

The Thermal Vacuum System and Vibration Test System are housed in Novium’s ISO-7/Class 10,000 Clean Room, maintaining conditions for spaceflight equipment.

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Novium has technicians and equipment available for mechanical and electrical assembly.

Facilities and Equipment

Clean Room

Solutions Functional Testing & Hardware Assembly
Classification ISO-7/Class 10,000
Size 3.9 m x 6.7 m (13 ft x 22 ft)

Vibration Test System

Vertical Armature Size 444.5 mm (17.5 in) diameter
Horizontal Slip Plate Size 711 mm x 711 mm (28 in x 28 in)
Max Load 362.8 kg (800 lbs)
Performance 24.4 kN (5500 lbf) Sine
24.4 kN (5500 lbf) Random
42.7 kN (9600 lbf) Shock

Thermal Vacuum System

Internal Volume 457 mm x 457 mm x 457 mm
(18 in x 18 in x 18 in)
Max Static Load 34 kg (75 lbs)
Max Vacuum 1.3 mPa (1x10-5 Torr)
Temp Range -70°C to +150°C (-94°F to +302°F)

Types of testing available